Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Importance Of Drawing Tablets

I personally do not have a drawing tablet... but i want one desperately! A drawing tablet allows you to share your artwork easily on the internet. It also leads for better erasing. Have you ever drawn something in pencil and messed up? If you had then when you mess up you have to erase. When you erase there are always slight lines in the background and it obscures the art. With a drawing tablet, the erasing is seamless. You can also do shading and other cool things with the right software. Photoshop is an excellent thing for doing shades and other cool effects but it also lets you draw a simple cartoon. Overall, a drawing tablet and software can make you either a funny or stunning artist without flaw. Given the proper skill.


  1. I agree a drwaing tablet would pass some time and if you like to draw.

  2. Hey Derek, I agree, a drawing tablet would be a great thing for you to get. Just by seeing how well you cand raw during spanish class shows that you are a good artist. I think a tablet sounds like a cool piece of technology and would be great for an experienced drawer